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HataraCoo is a job search support site that recruits foreigners who want to work in Japan.
We want to increase opportunities for Foreigners Student to find employment in Japanese companies. We set up this service for you to find a work and workplace where you can take advantage of Japanese that you have learned precisely.”

Connect with HataraCoo to grab opportunity to make your employment in Japan.


“You can get here good Japanese Company job information”

In recent years, Japanese company are deal with globalization, they are actively recruiting foreign nationals. In that companies you can work with your knowledge and skills ability what you have now. Learning by doing principle is greatly valued by Japanese Company.

There are many companies that can learn corporate management. While improving skills in Japan, Hataracoo will make a chance to career up in Japanese Companies overseas branch office or group company for those talented and self-motivated candidate. And create a chance to expansion of business of Japaneses Company in Overseas or your home country.


Due to connections with various universities,
We are attracting student all over the world.

HataraCoo, by having connections with universities around the world, We are making a big foreign student network. From that network we recruit self-motivated and energetic student. That`s why good companies gather in HataraCoo.

Therefore, companies adopting manpower without priority of nationality or university.


“We are recruiting personnel all year around.”

Do you know? Almost Japanese companies held employment for a fixed period of time within a year. For that reason, most of foreigner cannot be able to apply for job even though foreign students intend to do job hunting. That's why we set up this service.

If you have any interested job vacancy in HataraCoo feel free to contact us any time. We support you in your interested field and timing.

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