[Aichi / Nagoya] A company that makes happy everyone. To be a company that will alive for 100 years from now.

Venture CompanyHiring Foreign Nationals

A-Team Co. Ltd.

Recruitment target
New Graduates
Wanted jobs
* Engineer
* Designer
* Game Programmer
*Graphic Designer
Job description
[Engineer]: We mainly design and develop websites and applications of existing web services and new web services.
(Service Design, development, operation, server construction, access analysis, verification etc.)

[Designer] : Website /coding /access analysis / direction/ UI design etc.)

[Designer]: We will propose and provide new experimental value to users of web services and games.
(Web design/coding/access analysis/direction/UI design etc.)

[Game Programmer] : Mainly develop and operate smartphone game application after release. ( New title design/development/server construction/operation/existing title operation etc.)

[Graphic Design] : We will mainly produce graphic designs for smartphone game applications.
(Character. Item Production/ Motion Production/ 2D / 3D Production/ Art Direction etc.)
Qualification requirements
* The graduated of University, Junior College, Technical College or expected to graduated until march 2019

* Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 level
Employment status
Full Time
Monthly Basic Salary:275,000 yen (including only 30 hours over time payments during a month)
Example: If the monthly Basic Salary is 275,000 yen
(Basic Salary= Actual Salary + 62,700 yen (30 hours Overtime payment)
* If you work above the deemed overtime during one month, you will be additionally paid off that overtime depending on actual salary.
Work location
* Aichi Prefecture Nagoya (Head Office)
* Tokyo Office
* Osaka Office
* Fukuoka Office
* Hitachi Connect (Aichi Prefecture Nagoya)
Working hours
* Flextime system (Core time:10:00-16:00, Flexible time:7:00-10,16:00-22:00)
* Standard working hours per day 8 hours
# Fiscal year 2017: Standard average working hours per month 168 hours
* Full Weekly two day system ( Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)
* Paid Vacation (10 days minimum paid vacation, its up to 40 days per annul)
* New year holidays
* Summer Holidays (3 days between July and September)
* Family Birthday Celebration Leave ( Self or Family Member Birthday only)
* Wedding Anniversary Leave
* 125 day annual holiday (As a record of FY Year 2017)
→ This all reserve rite our company rules and regulations.
* All Social insurance
* Employee stock holding association purchase aid 100% (full-time employee only)
* Personal mobile content use assistance available
* Departmental social gathering ( The company subsidizes 5,000 yen per employee once every 2 months)
* Consular money
* Subsidy to purchase Bicycle.
* Employee cafeteria complete (Nagoya head office only)
* Relaxation massage system with reflexology
* English learning class with native speaker
* A-LOHAS (Long-term vacation acquisition system for 5 consecutive business days * A system that takes long-term holidays once a year using paid vacation)
* Three month trial period system but not any change in salary and other facilities. As per company rules and regulations.
Flow of adoption
Counselling and interview with Kakehashi Job Hunting Agent> Collecting resume and forward to next step who passed the first step.