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I AND C- Cruise

Recruitment target
New Graduates
Wanted jobs
Comprehensive Work
Job description
The candidate are responsible for the following area of work as per needed.
* Sales
* Planning
* Marketing
* Business Development
* Public Relations, Promotion etc.
Qualification requirements
Japanese Language Proficiency: N2 or Above
Employment status
Regular Employee
# Monthly Salary: 250,000 yen

[ Bonus]
* Twice a year (June/ December)
* It based on performance,personal achievement and public relationship etc.

[Raised Salary]
* Based on assessment of every 6 month in a year.

[Allowance] :
* Overtime allowance
* Commuting allowance
* Rent allowance if room is within 5 km from office.
* Student allowance
* Generation allowance
* Refresh benefit
* Various celebration
* Award system
Work location
Head Office (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Working hours
* Flex system with core time from 10:00-15:00 (1 hour lunch break)
* Week Holiday (Saturday, Sunday)
* Summer Vacation
* New year Holiday
* Annual paid Vacation
* Special Leave
* Concierge Vacation
* Spouse Maternity Leave
* Prenatal Postpartum Leave
* Childcare leave
* Social insurance like health insurance, pension, employment insurance, various type of incentive and compensation
* New staff training
* Business Development Training
* Web direction training
* Management training
* Leadership Training
* Benefit Station Welfare Facility etc.
Flow of adoption
Counselling and interview with Kakehashi Job Hunting Agent> Collecting resume and forward to next step who passed the first step.