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Hiring Foreign Nationals

OSP Corporation Co.Ltd.

Recruitment target
New Graduates
Wanted jobs
Technical Work
Job description
# Technical Field:
*Production Design
* Hardware development
* Control System Creation etc.

# Construction Field:
* Construction Design
* Construction Management
* Construction equipment management
* Civil engineering management
Qualification requirements
* Those candidate who are graduated or estimated to graduation on march of 2019 in the subject of Mechanical, Electronics and Information System.
* Those who acquired N2 or above in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in July 2018.
Employment status
Regular Employee
Master's Degree Graduate: 210,000 yen
* University Graduate ( 4 Year): 200,000 yen
* Specialized/ Technical College Degree:190,000 yen
# Including all allowance for duties and responsibility.
Work location
* Aomori Sales Office
* Shirakawa Office
* Utsunomiya Office
* West Tokyo Office ( Integrated from Yokohama sales office on 1st July)
* Yokohama Sales Office
* Shizuoka Sales Office
* Nagoya Sales Office
* Osaka Sales Office
* Hiroshima Sales Office
* Yonago Sales Office
* Fukuoka Sales Office
* Kumamoto Sales Office
Working hours
Official Time: 9:00~18:00
* Break time 12:00-13:00
* However, due to the business execution of the branch of company, it is basically matched to the branchs.
# Depending on the business, you may be on a shift work.
* Working hours management is managed at the sales office according to our regulations.
* Annual holiday 120 days ( Including all leave and vacation)
■ Various Social Insurance: Like Employment * Worker's Injury * Health Welfare
■ Dormitory Support, Qualification Acquisition support,Capacity Development Support System etc.
■ Retirement age: 65 years old (leaving at the end of the month of birth month of full 65 years)
■ Retirement allowance: Payable only to those candidate who work for more than 3 years
■  Moving assistance: Single employees with single packs.

◆ Certificate acquisition exam fee:
You can receive 50% of the exam examination fee with the qualification stipulated by the company.
* Be sure to pre-apply before the exam and submit examination card as a proof of taking exam.

◆ Technical Training Assistance:
* Up to 200,000 yen
→Maximum of 200,000 yen( limited to once a year)
* Only when it is deemed necessary for business.

◆ Technical seminar fee:
* The cumulative total up to 10,000 yen/ year. Only when it is deemed necessary for business.
* Payment receipt required as a proof.
* Participation proof: Certificate of Training/ Course
* Seminar Report

◆ Communication Education Courses total of tuition fee
* Maximum of 15,000 yen is limited to once in a year
* Only when it is deemed necessary for business.
* Payment receipt required as a proof.
* Participation proof: Certificate of Training/ Course

◆ Study Material Purchase ( Technical Book):
* Up to 10,000 yen
* Cumulative limit up to 10,000 yen/ year
* Purchase receipt required as a proof.

◆ Half price of subscription fee for use of Polytechnic Center etc.
* The cumulative total will be 15,000 yen/year
* Only when it is deemed necessary for business.

◆ Qualification acquisition and congratulation:
One qualification or Skill Test passed 5,000 yen prize.
* It is possible to receive the following qualifications not eligible for qualification allowance when acquired after joining the company.
* Submit a proof of success.
→ Digital Technology Certification Grade 3, Organic Solvent Operation Chief, Level 2 CAD Engineer,
Construction Team Level 3 Grade,Computer using technology examination second grade, radio acoustic skill test Grade 3, Microsoft certified technician training( MOUS. MOT) etc.

◆ Study group lecture fee:
* 2,500 yen/ H (up to 10,000 per application)
* For lectures organizing for the purpose of mastering the technical knowledge of the destination and corporate destination.
* In charge of lecture of 2 hours or longs, in principle it is necessary for participants of more than 5 participants to participate.
Flow of adoption
Counselling and interview with Kakehashi Job Hunting Agent> Collecting resume and forward to next step who passed the first step.