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Hiring Foreign NationalsWorking in Tokyo

Alps Business Service Co.Ltd

Recruitment target
New Graduates
Wanted jobs
■ Web Related: IT Engineer
■ Machine/ Electron Engineer
Job description
[Mechanical System]
Development design of cars, Precision Machines, Industrial Machinery, Machine Tools etc, CAD Operations, Prototyping ,Experiment , Evaluation, Device Assembly, Adjustment, Maintenance etc.

[ Electric , Electronic System]
Semiconductor, Information and Communication Equipment, Electronic Measurement Control Equipment, AV Equipment etc. Development design, prototype/experiment/ evaluation, equipment assembling, adjustment, maintenance. Maintenance

[Information/ communication system]
Software development,network maintenance / construction, operation, management,help-desk.

[ Chemistry]
Development design, prototype, experiment and evaluation of fuel cell, liquid crystal display, resin material, printing ink etc.
Qualification requirements
* Those who are graduate from undergraduate department of Science
* Those with a Japanese level of N2 or above
Employment status
Full Time
■ Master's Degree: 210,000 yen
■ Graduated from college/ vocational school (4 years):200,000 yen
■ Graduated from technical college (3 years), Graduated from technical college:190,000 yen
■ Graduated from junior college/ vocational school (2 years): 180,000 yen
Work location
Possibility in all branch of company
Working hours
* 8:30~17:30
* It may be different depending on the branch of company
* Weekly holidays system (Saturday, Sunday)
→However, there is a business day on Saturday by company calendar.
* Public Holidays
* Summer Holidays
* New Year's Holidays etc.
As below welfare facilities system are management by company:
* Health Insurance ( Tokyo Metropolitan Electric Health Insurance Association)
* Employees Pension
* Employment Insurance
* Workers Accident Insurance
* Group Company Recreation Center (Karuizawa)
* Membership resort club
* Electric Insurance Association recreation center
* Defined contribution pension system
* Telecommunication education system
* Group insurance mutual aid association etc.
Flow of adoption
Counselling and interview with Kakehashi Job Hunting Agent> Collecting resume and forward to next step who passed the first step.