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Hiring Foreign Nationals

Toyo Corporation

Recruitment target
New Graduates
Wanted jobs
Entry Level For
◆Re-Use Division (Everyday Gold Rush)
◆Public Relation Division

(Creating a blog for Chinese user and another axis depending on the time. While conducting regular business, interpret or translate about the Hong Kong exhibition event for promotion of business. )

Job description
■ Re-Use Division ( Everyday Gold Rush):We are purchasing clothes, bags, accessories, brand goods, jewelry etc.

■ Public Relation Division: In this division employee mainly engaged in public relation activities.
Employee are responsible for planning, editing and creation of public relations materials.
Like create web site content, SNS articles, publicity correspondence (press release), Media correspondence and so on.
Qualification requirements
[Language Ability]
◆ Chinese 
◆ Japanese (Daily Conversation Level)
Employment status
Full Time
■ Basic Salary: 206,140 yen
* Including 62,140 yen (60 hours) overtime fixed labor allowance
* If you exceed the fixed monthly overtime fixed labor allowance for 60 hours, you will be separately paid overtime work allowance. This is on the basis of 2017 May record.

Transportation expenses are fully paid
* Business trip allowance

■ Salary Increment:
→ Once time in a year (On April)

■ Bonus:
→  Once time in a Year (June)

Work location
Saitama Prefecture Branch Shop ( Shop is fix after employment)
Working hours
8 hours per day
( 60 minute break). Shift system working schedule.
* Weekly Holiday ( Saturday and Sunday)
Annual Holiday 108 days.
Paid leave 10 days in 1st year.
* Full Social Insurance.
* Social insurance
* Uniform provision
* My car commute OK (Free parking available)
* Training system
* Internal incentive system
* Internal events
* Maternity leave · childcare leave system
Flow of adoption
Counselling and interview with Kakehashi Job Hunting Agent> Collecting resume and forward to next step who passed the first step.