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Oizimi Dining Co.Ltd.

Recruitment target
New Graduates
Wanted jobs
Entry Level
Job description
After joining the company, candidate will start work as customer service at the food service course, experience with cooking as the main course
Candidate are responsible for arrange menus independently for the shops assigned to them according to the season and customers.

We give chance to candidate for his career up plans like grade up interview , become a store manager of the store, or support to engage in new business etc.

Qualification requirements
Japanese Language Proficiency: N3 or above level
Employment status
Full Time
[Initial Salary]
About 210,000 yen per month (monthly salary system)
* Including fixed over time fee (30,830/20 hour). Overtime is additional payment.

Payment according to the company's performance (Bonus payment twice a year in the previous year record)

Once a year (April) [Allowance] Transportation expenses (maximum 50,000 yen/month)
* Family allowance Spouse 15,000 yen/ month, 1 Child 6,000 yen
# Up to 2 child.
* Meal Assistance
* Moving Burden (according to company regulations)
Work location
* Tohoku area     * Saitama Area
* Kanagawa Area    * Tokyo Area
* Tochigi Area      * Nagano Aarea
* Shizuoka Area     * Aichi Area
Working hours
* Actual 7 hours 40 minutes
# Shift system ( Working hours vary slightly depending on working area)
# No overtime work in training period of 6 month.
Per month 8 days Holiday (96 days in a year)
* Paid Leave
* Family Ceremony or Sympathy Leave
# All holiday and leave are based on company regulated calendar.
[Insurance Coverage]
* Social insurance (employment, workers injury, health, welfare pension)

[Training System]
* Incentive System* Step up System
* Retirement Payment System
* Award System
* Training to new comer candidate
* Training to New Employee
* OJT System
* Individual Training

* Recreation center (Atami, Izu, Ito)
* Employee benefits (employee discount)
* Employee referral incentive system
Flow of adoption
Counselling and interview with Kakehashi Job Hunting Agent> Collecting resume and forward to next step who passed the first step.
September 2006
6,630 Million Yen
Number of Employees
Full Time Employee 300
Company Business Contents
* Management of Restaurant
* Medium food Business
* Accommodation Business
Head Office Address:
Kanagawa Ken Atsugu-Shi, Nakamachi2-7-10 Oizumi Atsugi Building