Engineering Positions at General Engineering Co., Ltd.

Engineering Positions at General Engineering Co., Ltd.

Recruitment target
New GraduatesMid-Term Career
Wanted jobs
①Mechanical design and development Engineer
②Electric / electronic system design development Engineer
③Control · Embedded software system design development Engineer
Job description
Three kids of positions being offered include:
◆Mechanical design and development engineer
◆Electrical and electronic design engineer
◆Control / Embedded software system design development engineer

Mechanical design development
● Automobiles · Transportation equipment
· Design development of body / engine / carburetor / muffler / transmission / suspension etc, car body design drawing of truck etc. special equipment
· Interior and exterior product modeling, layout, design
· Collision safety CAE analysis, body strength vibration vibration simulation CAE analysis
· Railway car body and interior design development
● Electric and electronic equipment
· Design of communication equipment casing
· Printer / Process Hard Structure Design
● Precision equipment
· Hardware development of digital camera
· CCD camera lens barrel design
· Video deck / video camera casing
· Mechanical design
· Connector design of liquid crystal projector
● Information communication equipment
· Development of submarine optical cable repeater
· Mechanism of molded parts of telephone exchange, mounting design
· Mobile phone mechanism, casing design

● Semiconductor related
· Surface analysis of semiconductors
· Design / Experiment Evaluation of Weight Sorter
● Plant
· Standardized design of conveying equipment
· Control panel design of thermal power plant
· Equipment design of pharmaceutical plants
· Basic design of automatic warehouse Industrial equipment
· Gas equipment development design
· Design of gas analysis mechanism
· Solar heat utilization hot water storage system development
· Mass inspection machine design evaluation
● Aviation · Space · Other
· CAD instructor · Rehabilitation, Welfare medical equipment design
· Design development of rotary wing aircraft and fixed wing aircraft for private use
· Design development of rotary wing aircraft and fixed wing aircraft for the Ministry of Defense
· Design development of artificial satellite / rocket-equipped equipment

There are a host of other engineering activities in which one can learn and have a fulfilling career.
Qualification requirements
Job Requirement:
①Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N2 or higher
②New Graduate Positions:
University degree in Machinery, Electric / Electronic, Information, Materials, Physics Department, Other Science

Mid-Career Positions:
Those who majored in Undergraduate or Department of Science and Engineering
Employment status
Full Time
① Graduate school: 216,000 yen
②Universities: 204,000 yen
③4th year specialty: 189,500 yen , etc
#New graduate salary (As per record of FY 2018)

Mid-career hire: Depends on age, experience, etc.

#Above does not include twice a year bonus and other allowances such as overtime, bonus for certifications, travel allowances, etc

[New graduate / Mid-range Common Allowance]
→Commuting Allowance →Outside Hours Allowance →Qualifications Allowance etc.

[Raising Salary] : Once a Year (In April)

[Bonuses]: Twice a year (In June and December)
Work location
1. 180 locations in Kanto Area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Gunma...........)
2. 80 Locations in Kansai District office (Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Kyoto, Shiga,..........)
3. 40 Locations in Chubu District Office (Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka........)
Working hours
9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Under training)
* Working hours and holidays of the affiliation destination will be applied after starting assignment.
Weekly: 2 Days Holiday (Saturday, Sunday)

* Total Annually Holiday 125 days (As the record of FY 2018)
*Summer *New Year Holiday
*Paid Holiday *Special Leave)
※ Summer holidays and New year holidays vary depending on the working place.
· Various social insurance
· Retirement allowance system
· Income savings system
· Childcare leave system
· Recreation · Event
· Single Dormitory
· Medical facilities · Services
· Affiliated Recreation Facilities
· Mental health health consultation etc.
Flow of adoption
Kakehashi Preliminary Interview→Resume Screening→Interview