Game Programmer – (Mid-career) at Guild Studio

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Guild Studio Co. Ltd.

Recruitment target
Mid-Term Career
Wanted jobs
Game Programmer - Mid-Career
Job description
Job Description
◆ High-end console or general programming task of smart titles

◆ Team size
About 12 (average age: around 35 years old)
From graphics to tools, we do not only program the game itself, but also extend tools and customize the engine. We are developing not only development based on existing engines, but also development method that targets efficient and high quality, based on proprietary technology expansion and customization.

We are interested in staff that can help in the following areas
Veterans with a wide range of experience from high-end consoles to smartphones, offering high-quality, high-quality outputs to clients.
▼ Applicable platform: Console in general, smartphone (UE4, Unity)
▼ Development achievements: FINAL FANTASY IX (PS4 remastered version), THE LAST REMNANT Remastered
▼ specialty genre: JRPG

We will also produce CGs other than games with the high technical strength cultivated in the game as weapon. Provide clients with high-quality real-time graphics.

VR development based on game technology.
Qualification requirements
● Programmer experience in the game industry
● Over 3 years of game development experience in C ++
● Experience in development of smartphone with Unity
● Console game development experience with Unreal Engine
Employment status
Full Time
◆Annual Income: 4~ 8 Million Yen

◆Bonus: Based on Performance

◆Salary Raised: Once a year (in July)

◆Allowance: Transportation expenses full payment
Work location
Headquarter, Meguro-ku Tokyo
Working hours
10: 00-19: 00 (discretionary labor system)
※ Overtime overtime hours around 40 hours
* Weekly Holiday: Saturday and Sunday
* Public holidays
* Paid holidays
* Health insurance
* Employment insurance
* Worker's accident insurance
* Welfare pension insurance
Flow of adoption
▼ Step 1
Resume Screening

▼ Step 2
1 interview (in some cases 2 times)