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HataraCoo is a job hunting website for foreign students and foreigner aiming to find employment in Japanese companies. Connect with us for your employment in your Dream Work Land.

Features of 

For Company use

Having required level Japanese language and technical skills person

Company can secure pinpoint human resource which company are planning to hire foreigner or from Abroad.

Agent always makes an interview with jobseekers. So Employer get screened out candidate.

For Use of Job Seekers

To find Japanese companies that foreign employees actively recruit/ enrolled

Before graduation you can be prepared for job hunting(overseas students start job hunting after graduation)

There is support by agent, such as correction of resume and preparation for interview

Until foreign students are encounter your company through “HataraCoo”

All university students in japan graduate equally in March, but overseas they all fall apart form March, June, September and December by university and students.

Since, there are almost no restrictions on the term of enrollment, graduation after finishing acquisition of the required credits. A graduation of 3 years is common.
And, in japan it is common practice that most overseas countries do not have job before graduation.

In this scenario, companies have chance to hire bilingual manpower who are graduating different part of the world in different time with Japanese language ability.

For Deal Easy and Fast recruitment


Recruitment of foreign application for company information

Please inquire from the inquire form that you wish to post company information.
We will contact you by email or phone form the management secretariat (Kakehashi employment agent).


Free Job offer Posting! Charge attract after your acceptance of declaration of jobseeker.

We will send you detailed service contents of HataraCoo. Please feel free to contact us.


Prepared Job Vacancy Contents

Registration information is simple. You can start publishing in the corporate philosophy of your company, a message to the person you are looking for and a company profile.

Application guidelines will be entered in our company’s recruitment form.


Recruitment Start

About one week from submission of job vacancy registration in HataraCoo you can approach jobseeker quickly without missing the timing.

As a professional career advisor will interview, it possible to interview only those who have been screened to a certain extent.

Approximately two week from application to posting!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.